Shake, Rattle and Roll.

April 18, 2016

Well you can’t deny it. The boy Elvis certainly does shake, rattle and make an awful racket in that video.
Besides from this being completely hilarious, we wanted to share this with you because it’s pretty similar to how websites work.

Sounds crazy right?
Trust me on this one.

Both Elvis and your website need to have a number of things all in full working order. One thing out of place and it’s a whole different story. The legend, the king of rock and roll is never born and your online presence becomes a laughing stock.
All of the elements of your site have to be performing at their best to get the crowds in. 
Of course, each website is unique so there’ll be individual elements to think about but we’ve put together a list of what to start with.

The Essentials

Be like the King, create something that people want to see.
We’ve been making websites to do just that.

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