Why Choose a WordPress Site?

April 5, 2013

Obi Media is a website design agency offering web design and graphic design services as well as CMS websites including WordPress. WordPress is an amazing open source content management system.

It started off life as a popular blogging platform but over the years has developed into something much more than that.

WordPress for blogging

While over the years WordPress has developed into so much more than just another blogging platform it is still a great tool to use for your blog. There are lots of free resources to expand your blog and get the most out of it and WordPress is also very easy to use. The administration panel interface is a friendly assortment of buttons and links that just seem to be in the right place. When you want to upload an image to your WordPress blog its as easy click and upload, when you want to add a page to your WordPress blog just go to ‘Pages’ and click ‘add page’ it couldn’t get more simple than that.

WordPress as a CMS

It’s a given that most businesses need a website these days. Back in the day when you started a business, the first thing you did was visit the print shop and get 5000 flyers designed and printed, now you register your domain name before anyone else does. A static website is great if thats what you need but if you need something a little more, a website that you can update yourself regularly without the costs of the website design agency. This sounds like a job for WordPress.

WordPress is Future Proof

As it’s a free open source system new technologies get applied to WordPress automatically so you don’t have to go back to the website design agency and say “my website is out of date, can you build me a new one?”. Your website can even change the whole look and layout but maintain all that content that you worked so hard to add. WordPress is easy to use We have already mentioned that WordPress is easy to use but after using many CMS platforms in the past I can honestly say without hesitation “Wordpress is easy to use”.

WordPress can manage your stuff

And by ‘stuff’ I mean everything. WordPress can categorise your posts, nest pages, show all the post or just a snippet, give visitors a chance to comment on your site and get interactive, add administration users with different permissions and so much more.

WordPress is customisable

So you like the idea of a WordPress website but Bob from accounts tells you that it doesn’t do something that you need it to do. Well thats the great thing about WordPress, it can be customised. So whatever you want your WordPress website to do let us know and chances are we can make it happen.

WordPress is search engine friendly

Everyone wants their website to be seen on search engines and WordPress even makes that easy. Without going into the boring details about canonical url’s and meta data, lets just say WordPress can handle this stuff in the right way so that search engines understand it.

This doesn’t mean that if you have a WordPress website you will be number 1 on Google, but in the crazy world of SEO every detail counts.

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