2016 is here but where’s your website?

January 13, 2016


“Oh wow, your website is so 2016.”


It’s January and the sparkle and warmth of Christmas and New Year’s Eve have been cruelly stripped away to reveal the harsh realities of winter. You wallow away in the gym more heavy and sober than you have been in weeks. No one to console you but your own self pity since all your friends stopped answering their phones during dry January.
Whilst it may not be such an easy fix to get your body up and running we can help to give your website a boost.

Here are a few pointers from us to remind you what might need updating now it’s 2016.

 Are you visible?
With more consumers and competitors getting online it’s important that you stand out from the crowd.
Is your site adaptable?
Make sure it fits for all those people who got flashy new mobiles and devices for Christmas.
Have you made any changes to your business?
Avoid miscommunication; make sure your website has all the correct information. There are lots of changes going on this time of year. Don’t forget to keep your website in line with what’s going on. 
Does your website connect to social media?
In 2016 Twitter and Facebook will have been around for over a decade. This means they are insanely popular and have loads of friends. So you definitely want to be involved with them. 

Don’t get left in 2015.

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