Custom e-commerce website to kickstart a new era

An e-commerce WordPress build with a few custom features

After a change in management, Sigma were keen to redevelop their image with a striking new e-commerce website. Providers of custom/branded embroidered clothing and workwear, a key feature of the new site was the integrated product designer tool.

The Sigma Embroidery team needed a user-friendly website that they could easily manage on a day-to-day basis alongside their hands-on work in the Sigma shop. A WordPress site was the perfect choice, modified to incorporate full e-commerce website capabilities and their product designer tool, which enables users to ‘put their stamp’ on purchases through upload of custom designs or addition of text.

The site went on to become a finalist for the 2014 Ely Standard business website of the year award.

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E-Commerce, Web Development, Website design, Wordpress
Sigma Embroidery Website design

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